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In our short explanatory video you will learn how you can optimize your workflows with LOOK4Optics and offer your customers even better service.

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LOOK4Optics is Europe's leading service portal for digital data exchange in the field of ophthalmic optics.

Via a single interface, the portal enables you to exchange data with all your customers or their various management programs.

By providing an electronic product catalog, your customers always automatically have all the important information about their product portfolio in their merchandise management system. You define which articles a customer is allowed to receive and each customer automatically receives an individual catalog with the articles released for him.

By updating availability information, the customer knows immediately whether an item is available for immediate delivery, has delivery times or is already sold out.

The product catalog is the basis for direct ordering from the optician's software. In addition, there is the possibility to provide the customer with direct order tracking. This saves time for both sides and increases customer satisfaction.

As soon as the order leaves your premises, the customer receives an electronic delivery bill (ASN) via the portal and can book in the goods at the click of a mouse instead of having to laboriously enter them manually, as was previously the case.

To offer your customers even more service and achieve even better customer loyalty, sales notifications and inventory reports can be exchanged and you control automatic reordering for the customer.

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