Offers for suppliers

Look4 Optics facilitates data interchange with opticians for suppliers. We support you in the creation of electronic product catalogs that you can distribute via Look4 Optics to the optometrist. On the basis of this catalog, you can simply run a B2B online shop where your optician customers can order directly from their optician software.

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Always current product catalogs at the optician

Look4 Optics automatically distributes your electronic product catalogs to the optician software. So that your customers always have your current product information including their own brands.

Thus you don't have to wait up to the pressure of the next catalog to inform customers about product news.

Your advantages in the use of our digital product catalogs.

Your products on Look4 Optics

Present your products at Look4 Optics to draw the opticians attention on them.

If you have created the catalog for distribution to customers, this information can immediately be shown on Look4 Optics. You can easily control who can see what information, such as private labels.

More about the product presentation on Look4 Optics.

Ordering from the optician software

Meanwhile, optician software support online ordering of products. With Look4 Optics, you can enable your customers to order with their software.

If you want, we help you gladly to transmit the orders directly into your ERP system.

More information about ordering from the optician software.

Digital product catalogs

Together with the industry association SPECTARIS, we have developed a standard XML format for contact lenses, lenses, frames and commodities catalogs.

We support you in creating your electronic product catalog, maintaining it and to distributing it directly to the optician software.

Learn more about our file formats.