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Procornea is an independent Dutch producer and supplier of Rigid Gas Permeable and soft contact lenses. Procornea - founded in 1975 – started its own production in 1980 in order to be able to meet the fast-growing demand for contact lenses.

In doing so, it has continually looked to the "latest state of the art". The highest product quality and innovation have been given the highest priority as from the start. Procornea was the first contact lens manufacturer in the world to deploy Sub Micron Lathing (SML) technology in production in 1991. From that year onwards, Procornea has developed a number of advanced production methods which have served as models for many in the contact lens industry. Complex lens designs can be produced and reproduced very accurately without complex polishing treatment that would affect the precision of the lens geometry by using this production technology. SML technology also enables lens shapes to be made which would be impossible to manufacture with conventional production methods. The high-tech contact lenses are produced in the modern ISO 13485 CE-certified production facilities in Eerbeek by using Sub Micron lathes combined with advanced robots. To guarantee the highest optical quality, Procornea uses modern, highly accurate interferometric measuring methods.

The SML polish-free production process has the following advantages:

  • Fast delivery times
  • Mathematically defined optics and edge geometry
  • Reproducibility
  • No compromise of the fragile polymer matrix with polishing agents

Procornea’s own production facilities manufacture the full range of Rigid Gas Permeable ,
soft and disposable contact lenses. Procornea also supplies the related care products.

We only supply our lenses to qualified optometrists, ophthalmologists and contact lens specialists.
Quality is our prime aim from production through to delivery of the lenses.

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