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Tel: +49 711 9000 7454

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Clearlab - Delivering Innovative Contact Lens to the Global Marketplace

Clearlab is the manufacturer of the world’s first biocompatible daily disposable contact lens, with the main manufacturing site in Singapore and Korea. We are committed to delivering innovative contact lens products and services to the global marketplace, while maintaining exclusivity and profitability to all of our customers. At Clearlab, product quality and customer satisfaction are our utmost priorities.

We offer a broad range of lens materials and modalities. Our product portfolio includes daily disposables, biweekly and monthly frequent replacement lenses, and a full line of cosmetic color lenses. Clearlab also offers customised toric lenses with precise optics to meet diverse consumer demands.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Clearlab boasts an outstanding history of successfully introducing innovative eye care products coupled with excellent customer service.

Our Commitment to People

Clearlab invests in employee training and development to ensure a common values throughout the organisation.

Our Commitment to Partnerships

Clearlab is committed to building meaningful partnerships with those who share our values. We create products that satisfy the needs of our partners and their customers. A partnership with Clearlab offers an opportunity to participate in our ongoing drive to provide products and services that meet evolving market requirements.

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