Frequently Asked Questions Opticians(FAQ)

How to sign up?

The registration is done via the Single Sign On Service Look4 ID. By clicking on the tab 'Login or Register' you can create an individual ID. After a successful registration you will be redirected to Look4 Optics automatically. On Look4 Optics you will be asked to connect your account to your company entry or to create a new entry.
Here you will find a detailed instruction of the registration process.

What is a Single Sign On Service?

This service enables to you to authenticate yourself with a login (user name/password) for multiple connected applications at variable optics enterprises and to use this free of charge with a unique registration at the LOOK4 ID Service. With a link "Login" on the Web site of a connected online application (portal/shop/Web service) you will be passed on to the LOOK4 ID Service page. Therefore you have the possibility to authenticate yourself uniquely and centrally for variable applications. Your benefit is that you have to memorize only one login and the search for passwords omits.

What are the advantages of registration?

If you are signed in you can edit your existing company entry or you can create a new entry. So you can ensure that your company entry will be found easier by search engines and you have the possibility to present your company to new and old business partners. In addition it is possible to add merchandise groups and brands to your company entry. Therefore your company can be found via your company title, your merchandise groups, your brands and your products. A registration is also a basic condition to download electronic product catalogs. The creation of a corporate record is the easiest and cheapest way to present your company on Look4 optics. You can easily change your company data via an online management and provide other employees access to the records management.

What contains a free standard entry?

The free standard entry contains the following information:

  • Company title and logo
  • Postal and Internet addresses
  • Brands supplied by you
  • Product groups supplied by you
  • Contact form for your customers

What contains a charged premium entry?

In addition to the options of the standard entry the premium entry offers

  • Better placement in search results
  • Creating a corporate portrait with text and images
  • Creation of own brands
  • Specifying the contacts and other company addresses

What are electronic product catalogs?

Electronic product catalogs of your suppliers allow you to load their products into your optician software. Look4 Optics offers such catalogs in XML format for download. Electronic product catalogs in the standard format can represent all product groups of the optics branch. The SPECTARIS standard format was jointly developed by the SPECTARIS industry association, LOOK4 Company, the software houses and the contact lens industry. Look4 optics collects the digital product catalogs of all suplliers, allows to browse them online and distributes this digital product catalogs to the opticians. Electronic product catalogs can be loaded in the optician software of all suppliers.

What are the benefits of electronic product catalogs?

  • Quickly find suitable products instead of annoying thumbing through printed catalogs
  • Individual catalogs with your private labels
  • Use with Look4 Optics and your optician software possible
  • Convenient stock management through bar code support
  • A format for all suppliers

What is a XML file format?

The open XML file formats enable simple and uniform data exchange between the ERP system of optician and industry. These formats were originally developed for contact lenses by the industry association, the software houses and industry representatives. The formats support all product groups of the optics industry (contact lenses, lenses, frames, commodities) and different use cases (catalog data exchange, orders, deliveries). As such, all data can be offered all interested parties in one format.

Which suppliers already take part in Look4 Optics?

You can find an overview of all participating suppliers on the home page.

Which software houses already take part in Look4 Optics?

Nearly all German and more and more foreign software houses support the developed XML format of Look4 Optics and use our Web services. You can find an overview of all participating software houses on the home page.